Eros, the god of love, whose arrow can make you fall in love, reaches the passionate heights of oriental obsession, from which an unprecedented desire emanates, to the limits of the forbidden.

The new manifestation of this glorious deity marks and is unveiled by his ostentatious nature.

Olfactive Family: Woody Oriental Fresh

Fragrance: Eros Eau de Parfum embodies excess and provocation. The fragrance has a signature that is not afraid to flaunt itself, to reveal its extremes: the stark contrast between the extremely citrusy and the extremely delicate. A new chapter based on the depth of its woody accord, cedar – vetiver – patchouli, rekindled by the radiant, energetic light of the quintessentially Italian lemon and mandarin pairing and enlivened by a unique note of candied apple. Decadent vanilla dares to flirt with leather in the final note: a fatal and provocative weapon with its distinctive intoxicating and creamy effects, its vibrant contours, all enhancing its oriental character.The bottle and the packaging: The dominant colour of Eros is blue, a bold, masculine shade.

Packaging: A clear reference to the Mediterranean and its lifestyle, but also a contemporary take on Greco-Roman art and culture. The strength of Eros comes from the magnificence of the Medusa that emerges from the centre of the bottle, surrounded by the Greek key design. The design inlaid behind creates a strong visual emotion. In the centre, in gold, is written: VERSACE EROS. On the cap, the Medusa, the Versace logo, is like a precious jewel cast in gold and wrapped in a blue finish to complete this new symbol of strength and virility.

Product Range:

Versace Eros EDP Natural Spray 50 ml
Versace Eros EDP Natural Spray 100 ml
Versace Eros EDP Natural Spray 200 ml