Olfactive family: Floral, Wody, Fruity

Fragrance: This fragrance is a real ode to femininity, intoxicating, and conveying delicious sensations. Its ludic and ironic notes play on a vibrant top where the mandarine dorée orpur® teases a pear-rhubarb granita caressed by an exquisite and juicy white vine peach. A floral whirl reveals its enchanting jasmine scent embroidering an adorable white lace around mahonial. The golden chain orchid (scenttrek®) enhances the radiant femininity of the scent.the elegant, embracing and sensual sillage with sandal, musk and vanilla is bewitched by akigalawood, mysterious and at the same time extremely refined.

Packaging: An ingenious, ironic and surprising bottle, which burst into all the best selected perfume shops in the world to leave its indelible mark. The ambition of a luxury product, to be indispensable and available to everyone, is shaded gold for Moschino’s new extraordinary fragrance.

Product Range:

Moschino Fresh Gold EDP spray 50 ml
Moschino Fresh Gold EDP spray 100 ml
Moschino Fresh Gold EDP the freshest bath & shower gel 200 ml
Moschino Fresh Gold EDP the freshest body lotion 200 ml