Olfactive Family: Floral, Fresh, Fruity

Fragrance: Inviting and spontaneous, an irresistible joyful fragrance. It immediately surprises you with sparkling and bright citrus top notes: grapefruit, orange, lemon and crunchy redcurrant. Coloured and feminine, it touches your heart by the intense tea rose poetry, the rush vitality and the lily of the valley cheerfulness, associated with the cinnamon leaves mischievous touch. combination of enveloping musks and sensual cedar and tanaka woods, its dry down leaves a breezy sensation, that seduces you and makes you fall in love

Packaging: Olivia, once again, this time in love, once again the shape that made cheap and chic special, but this time decorated even more, a real explosion of colours, an indication of total joy, and a burning passion.

Product Range:                                                                                  

Moschino I Love Love EDT natural spray 50 ml
Moschino I Love Love EDT natural spray 100 ml
Moschino I Love Love perfumed bath & shower gel 200 ml
Moschino I Love Love perfumed body lotion 200 ml