Started in 1953 from a small basement in their family home near Milan, Missoni reflects Ottavio and Rosita’s successful venture of a husband-and-wife team.

Initially started as a knitwear business it went on to become an icon of Italian fashion.

Missoni introduced and successfully established an unmistakable way of dressing and living: from the boldly colourful “put together” concept of zigzags, stripes, waves and flame stitches to patchworks of geometric and floral jacquards.

Describing their clothing in an article published in a daily newspaper in 1979, the Italian journalist Maria Pezzi defined these fashions as “museum pieces that can nevertheless be worn”.

Today Missoni is one of the most widely respected ambassadors of Italian fashion and design around the world.

The success of the best-selling lines of Missoni dates back to 1981 when the first fragrance was launched.

  • Wave

    A fresh, luminous fragrance that is elegant and modern, with an unmistakable personality.
    A masculine concept created for a young man with solid roots, who is adventurous, virile, highly principled and charismatic.

    Olfactive family: Citrus, Aquatic, Aromatic, Woody.

    On one level, a fragrance; on another, a round-the-world adventure full of vibrant scenery: the brand-new Missoni Parfum Pour Homme marks Missoni’s triumphant return with a masculine fragrance that simply exudes prestige.

    Olfactive family: Fougère, Aromatic, Woody